2304, 2020

The Best Coffee Machines Suppliers in China(2023 Update)

By |2020年4月23日|Blogs|

Need Help On Coffee Machine Importing from China? CINOART Recommend The Best Coffee Machine Supplier For You CINOART has a good relationship with the most Chinese Coffee Machine factory CINOART knows very well on good Coffee Machine suppliers in China CINOART has some [...]

2204, 2020

Canton Fair 2020 You Should Know – Keep Updating

By |2020年4月22日|Blogs|

Never Waste A Good Crisis What we're experiencing as a result of the pandemic is unprecedented in many ways, all the countries are restraining the unnecessary business activities. Such like restaurants, schools, tourism, shopping malls and such behavior is definitely slowing down the economy and therefore the demands [...]

2601, 2020

A Buying Guide for Latte Art Printer – CINOART’s Color Coffee Printer Journey

By |2020年1月26日|Blogs|

A Buying Guide for Coffee Art Printer - CINOART’s Color Coffee Printer Journey Since the launch of CINOART’s very first coffee printer, our innovative products have been celebrated by hundreds of buyers. Businesses enjoyed the easy way to brighten the presentation of food and beverages and end-users cherished the WOW moments tailored [...]

2001, 2020

CINOART Tell You: What Is Coffee Printer Machine?

By |2020年1月20日|Blogs|

What is Coffee Printer Machine? I know you have question about what is coffee printer machine, so at the beginning, I post a video here to let you know the function of coffee printer, it makes photo on the foam-top. Let go back to your question" what is coffee printer [...]

3010, 2019

CINOART PRO-CT2, The Newest Coffee Printer

By |2019年10月30日|Development of Coffee Printer|

The Newest Coffee Printer CINOART PRO-CT2 When CINOART PRO came out, we thought that was our last version, and we started our new project Automatic Coffee Tamper. And then our Russia Partner asked us to develop a new model, because during the shipping from China to Russia(land transportation), [...]

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