The Newest Coffee Printer CINOART PRO-CT2

The newest coffee printer

When CINOART PRO came out, we thought that was our last version, and we started our new project Automatic Coffee Tamper. And then our Russia Partner asked us to develop a new model, because during the shipping from China to Russia(land transportation), we met a problem two screw inside were loosen, so we check what happened, and we find because the structure of CINOART PRO was not so good for long term land transportation due to the cover of pro is not fix with inside, this is very easy to solve it during the production, and we think we should develop another model to meet different market requirement.

So we redesign our product, and here is the new model we named CINOART PRO-CT2.

coffee printer cinoart pro ct2
selfie coffee printer
latte 3d art coffee printer

The difference between CINOART PRO and CINOART PRO-CT2 not only the shape, but also we provide some new features for PRO-CT2:

1. You can connect USB Camera, so you can take a live photo without cellphone.
2. There is a library function on CINOART PRO-CT2, you can choose photo from local image library.
3. You can upload many photos at once by USB key.
4. You can change the background of the screen of CINOART PRO-CT2.

If you want to know more. you can click to know about CINOART Coffee Printer.