Automatic Portafilter Cleaner

Automatic portafilter cleaner, also known as a cleaning brush or tool, is a electric device specifically designed to clean the portafilter/basket of the espresso machine. The portafilter is the component that holds the ground coffee during the brewing process. Automatic portafilter cleaner is used to remove these residues, ensuring optimal performance and flavor in the espresso.

Portafilter cleaners typically consist of a motor, silicon brush and bristles. The silicon brush and bristles are designed to effectively scrub and remove coffee particles from the portafilter.

To use a portafilter cleaner, simply insert the bristles into the portafilter basket and scrub the surfaces thoroughly. This helps to remove any coffee grounds that may have become stuck or compacted.

Automatic Portafilter Cleaner CINOART PC

Automatic Portafilter Cleaner CINOART PC is CINOART newest products after 4 years R&D, it’s not only fit the knock tube, but also can be embedded on the worktable.


  • Simple Operation
  • Consistent Cleaning Performance
  • Quick and Efficient Cleaning
  • Fit all double-shot(53mm~58.5mm) portafilters/basket
  • Can be resized to match the varying outer diameters of different knock tube helmets
  • Can be installed either inside the knock tube or embedded on the worktable

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Automatic Portafilter Cleaner Videos

How to Use CINOART Automatic Portafilter Cleaner

It is recommended to use CINOART Portafilter Cleaner by the following two methods.

Method 1
Clean twice as the brush changes the rotation direction each time.

Method 2
Rotate your wrist during clean, one time to get a better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Automatic portafilter cleaner is designed to efficiently and effectively clean the portafilter(Basket) of the espresso machine.
Automatic portafilter cleaner is composed of a motor and brush head, when the Portafilter presses the brush, the motor will automatically move to clean the basket.

CINOART Automatic Portafilter Cleaner is designed to accommodate various types of portafilters commonly used in espresso machines. It can clean all-size double-shot portafilters, no matter 53mm, 54mm, 57mm, 58mm, or 58.5mm baskets.

Yes, automatic portafilter cleaners are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, anyone can use it easily.

Needn’t any cleaning solutions, just need to use clean the brush with water.

CINOART portafilter cleaner can clean the portafilter in 5 seconds.

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