A Buying Guide for Coffee Art Printer – CINOART’s Color Coffee Printer Journey

Since the launch of CINOART’s very first coffee printer, our innovative products have been celebrated by hundreds of buyers. Businesses enjoyed the easy way to brighten the presentation of food and beverages and end-users cherished the WOW moments tailored by beautifully decorated beverage tops and food surfaces.

The printed edible art designs were custom-created using monochrome food-graded ink, but there has always been a demand to introduce a color coffee printer.

Our clients have been eagerly waiting for CINOART to design, develop, and manufacture a colored version of the latte art machines that have been dominating the market for the last few years.

CINOART’s Color Coffee Printer Expedition: Trial and Error

The customer is king, so we tried to respond to demand.

At present, the few color inkjet machines that are dominating the market use the same colored ink cartridges – the HP803 and HP78 produced by HP. CINOART developers attempted to design our very own color ink cartridges.

The prototype was even presented at the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show. However, we faced a rather embarrassing problem finding a reliable cartridge supplier apart from HP.

According to industry predecessors, “some risks are not worth it.” So, we decided to halt our dream of color coffee printers and suspended the production.

In the meantime, a few market players have launched color latte printers but all producers faced the same development obstacle. So, they used refurbished ink cartridges.

Cartridges from desktop printers are disassembled and the sponge is removed. After cleaning the cartridge cavity, a sponge is inserted and the opening is ultrasonically sealed. New and refurbished color ink cartridges highly vary in terms of quality.

So, what cartridges do CINOART coffee art machines use? Let us take a look.

All You Need to Know About CINOART’s Inkjet Cartridge

We install a brand new HP45 ink cartridge into every food-grade printer we produce. Food safety tests are conducted to test all aspects of the ink cartridge and test reports approved by the Food and Drug Administration are obtained. Our high-quality cartridges enable customers to produce top-notch monochrome coffee art.

Businesses seeking color coffee printers need not be disappointed. For, hundreds of appealing art can be printed on food and drink items using an assortment of FDA-approved inks.

Yes, you will be limited to printing selfies, logos, and other artistic designs in monotone, but design capabilities will not be hindered. CINOART cartridges are safe to use and provide the ultimate user experience.

Newer models feature the CINOART PRO-A1 cartridge, which flaunts a whopping 600dpi. In addition, the 45ml capacity is a big upgrade from 15ml in previous models. With this welcome new update, you can print as many as 1000 times.

Other factors to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Art Printer

It is true that the cartridge is a very important feature as it is directly proportional to product quality and user safety. However, there are other parameters a savvy buyer must consider when selecting a monochrome or color coffee printer.

Let us explore some other things you must consider before placing your final order.

Design and Safety

The physical component of your printer is something you want to access first. Carefully consider the dimensions and overall size and make sure it fits your shelves perfectly. Also, choose a model that comes in durable construction as it assures longevity.

In addition, you would want to select a monochrome or color coffee printer that provides the utmost safety. Ideally, you should buy a latte art printer like CINOART printer which comes with food-grade ink cartridges.

Performance and Efficiency

It is crucial to choose a food printing gadget that will allow you to print within mere seconds while also maintaining picture resolution and, therefore, better results. CINOART PRO-CT2, for example, can print 600dpi images on edible products in less than 15 seconds.

Select a food art printer with remarkable efficient performance. This means you want the cartridge to last longer and make the most decorations. If you choose to buy the aforementioned model, you can print 1000 coffee or food art before having to change the cartridge.

User-friendliness and Wide Range of Applications

Be it a monochrome device, or a color coffee printer, it is essential that your device allows you to print on a wide assortment of delicacies including but not limited to coffee, beer, puddings, and cakes.

On top of it, the presentation needs to have room for customization. If you cannot edit the photos you will be printing, then you may want to choose some other product. Check if the gadget comes with pre-set printing patterns as they enhance user convenience.

User-friendliness can be further determined by how hasslefree the operation is. Make sure to get the power rating before making a purchase decision.

Compatibility and Connectivity

In this era of technology, it is critical to be on par with modern advancements. Customers are very tech-savvy and competing businesses learn to adapt quite quickly. So, it is a basic criterion to have a coffee printer that has functioning wifi and other connectivity features such as USB compatibility and the ability to scan QR codes.

While we are still on the topic of compatibility, check that the monochrome or color coffee printer is compatible with a wide range of devices and does not necessarily depend on any particular software or app.

At CINOART, all coffee printers are well equipped with USB ports, QR Codes, and wi-fi connections. On top of that, these devices can be easily connected to the user’s mobile devices – both android and ios.