What is Coffee Printer Machine?

I know you have question about what is coffee printer machine, so at the beginning, I post a video here to let you know the function of coffee printer, it makes photo on the foam-top.

Let go back to your question” what is coffee printer machine”.

First of all, coffee printer machine is a printer, it is composed of cartridge, lifting platform, motors and driver, it couldn’t make coffee, it just make the photo on the top of coffee, such as latte, cappuccino, beer or other drinks or foods.

Why I need a coffee printer machine?

Maybe you would think that I have drink naked coffee, beer for many years, and the barista they can hand-made latte art, why I need a coffee printer machine?

How to make a cup of Latte or Cappuccino? It’s a combo of coffee and milk foam, pour the steamed milk into a cup of espresso, and some baristas create a design or pattern on the surface, it looks very beautiful and delicious. it’s also the mark to show that the coffee baristas are professional. So there is a high skill request to make a design(even the design is very simple) on the surface of the coffee. And many baristas have learned how to make a latte art, it really nice. And for many shop, there are too many clients, if barista make art on each one cup of coffee, it would take a long time, and clients could not wait for a long time. And what photo the baristas make is much simple than coffee printer machine made, if one client want a selfie photo on the coffee, I think barista can not make it, and the coffee printer can handle it in ten seconds.

And many shops, company, they use automatic coffee machine, there is no barista, so if they want a unique coffee, so one coffee printer machine match their request very well, and they need not pay salaries for the machine, it’s quick, easy, and cheap.

The history of coffee printer machine

There are many geek in the world, they are trying to solve many problems, such as how can we let everyone make their own coffee? Not drink the naked coffee anymore, it’s possible to make the art on coffee by a machine, and how we call it, coffee printer?

The good news that there are some technical experts thinking about this question and take action, until 2007 they made it come true.

Oleksiy made it come true and share the printing video in YouTube, Alex wrote it in his blog: “Give me a grande caramel espresso drink with an… image of the Mona Lisa painting on top. No! Make it that picture of me and my grandma at the Grand Canyon. Here, it’s on this flash drive.” This could be the first coffee printer we can find on the internet, and we can see how to make coffee art by this coffee printer.

It was based on 3d printer structure, and using inkjet cartridge and an old x-y plotter make it come true.

After that, there are many geek try to make coffee printer machine, some of them post article to describe how they modify from a normal printer to print on coffee, such as Baffouri, he post photos and videos here to show the detail step by step.

Step 1: Disassembling the Printer


Step 2: Adding a Printer Base With Wheels & Connect to Drawer Slides With Scanner

step2 coffee printer machine

Step 3: Removing the Zone Beneath the Print Head

step3 coffee printer machine

Step 4: Making the Arduino Shield

step4 coffee printer machine

Step 5: Reading Values From Printer Motor Encoder

step5 coffee printer machine

Step 6: Overriding IR Encoders

step6 coffee printer machine

Step 7: Make Cover for Print Head Sensor

step7 coffee printer machine

Step 8: Cartridge Door Closed and Paper Front Door Sensor Removed

step8 coffee printer machine

Step 9: Replace the Normal Ink With Edible Ink

step9 coffee printer machine

Step 10: Programming

And then there are more and more printer demo appears on the internet, and they have given the machine many names too, such as “coffee latte printer”, “beer printing machine”, “latte printer”, “3d latte maker”, etc. No matter what are they called, they are all the same use cartridge with edible ink inside, and print photo on coffee, beer, cake. But there has one thing in common that they modify from normal printer, refill edible ink inside, and use a pad or connect to computer to control it.

Here are some photos of these coffee printer which modify from normal printer.

coffee printer machine without pad

And in 2016, we make first coffee printer machine, it’s independent research and development, you could not find any module dismount from a normal printer.

Why cinoart choose another solution to make coffee printer machine

*Shortage of Modify from a normal printer

1. There is no supplier supply fresh cartridge.
All the cartridge you see in these machine is second hand, it was cleaned and refilled edible ink. So if we strictly speaking, it could not be approved by official healthy check.

2. It’s not stable.
As the driver is provide by the printer factory, and if we modify the printer, so we have to “cheat” the sensor by some signal, and the driver will internal check if it’s really ready for printing, such as if the “paper/coffee” is ready, if the cartridge is ready….
It always happens that this time it works well, and next one warming or fault appear on the screen.

*How cinoart works

We design our structure for latte, cappuccino and other drink printing. And we develop the driver to drive the cartridge and the movement of motors.
We find the fresh cartridge supplier in Taiwan, it pass the healthy test. Due to we develop the driver, so we can fully control the cartridge and the movement of motors, if there is some fault, our program will tell you what’s the problem, and how to solve it.

so, if you want to know the newest coffee printer, you can click it to know about it.