2411, 2020

How To Use Automatic Tamper

By |2020年11月24日|Blogs|

First of all, Thank you for choosing the CINOART PT2 (Precision Tamp 2). The CINOART PT2 Automatic Coffee Tamper will greatly assist the professional barista with workflow speeds while maintaining the consistency of espresso preparation. Using the PT2 Precision Tamper greatly improves the flavour yield, consistency, and overall cup [...]

108, 2020

How To Tamp Coffee

By |2020年8月1日|Blogs|

All the things you did were good. You paid for a perfect espresso machine, bought the high-quality beans, and found the best grinder to make the coffee be great. Your favorite show is about to start, and you decided to make an espresso with your new equipment. It’s quiet in your [...]

805, 2020

How is the first Lavazza flagship store in China looks like?

By |2020年5月8日|Service Case|

Lavazza Flagship Store Opened In Shanghai Italian palace coffee brand Lavazza and Yum China announced that they had formed a joint venture to operate in China, the first Lavazza flagship coffee store outside Italy has opened in Shanghai recently, the two sides work together to create [...]

2304, 2020

The Best Coffee Machines Suppliers in China(2023 Update)

By |2020年4月23日|Blogs|

Need Help On Coffee Machine Importing from China? CINOART Recommend The Best Coffee Machine Supplier For You CINOART has a good relationship with the most Chinese Coffee Machine factory CINOART knows very well on good Coffee Machine suppliers in China CINOART has some [...]

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