Automatic tamper is a revolutionary electric countertop appliance for Baristas to tamp coffee, it helps barista to make coffee more effective.

When you make an espresso with Semi-automatic Espresso Machine, there are two tools you must have, a coffee grinder and a tamper. Now the market is full of coffee grinders, there are more than hundreds of grinders for you to choose from with different features. But before the automatic tamper comes out, all the tampers are almost the same as below.

And there are some other tampers described automatically tamp coffee, but it’s not real, it also needs tamp coffee manually. Until in 2015, Barista Technology issued their first automatic tamper PUQPress, the real auto tamper came into view. For a while, some people asks what is PUQPress? and some people think PUQPress means automatic tamper. After that, automatic coffee tamper is more and more popular, and there are more and more manufacturers Research and Developed auto espresso tamper to the market, such as Compak cube auto tamper, Slingshot Kilo tamper, Sipresso tamper, and ours CINOART Precision Tamp2.

what is automatic tamper

How much does a tamper cost?

When you search on Amazon, you could find the price of original tamper is mostly between 10USD ~ 100 USD, only a few tampers such as force tamper is over 100 USD. And for automatic tamper, the price is from 600USD to 1200USD, and some other brand is much higher.

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Is it worth purchasing an automatic tamper?

Compare with manual tamper, the price of automatic coffee tamper is much higher, why there are more and more players introduce automatic coffee tamper?

Grind coffee with coffee grinder, brew coffee with coffee maker, so automatic tamper make up the last piece to make espresso from coffee bean to coffee.

There are a few reasons why automatic coffee tamper benefit your business:

  • With an automatic tamper, you can adjust the coffee grinder much easily.
  • With an automatic tamper, you can make each cup with the same pressure, the flavor much stable.
  • With an automatic tamper, each tamping with the same pressure, it help you save your coffee.
  • With an automatic tamper, you can ask anyone to make professional espresso. If you are running a store, you can invite your clients to make coffee themselves, this is an unforgettable experience because this could be their first time to make their own coffee. It would help your marketing.
  • With an automatic tamper, you can tamp coffee easily, needn’t worry your arm gets hurt.

How hard should you tamp coffee?

When you Google “How hard should you tamp coffee?”, you could find there are many answers. Some people suggest 30 pounds, and the other said 20 pounds could be ok too.

There is no correct answer, or both are right. Tamping coffee is hard to describe the stander, it’s up to the freshness of the roasted coffee, and the thickness of the ground coffee. Automatic Tamper makes tamping coffee much easy and effective. You just need to make sure each time the ground coffee are the same weight. And then adjust the pressure of automatic tamper according to the flow rate of coffee when you brew it with coffee maker. And this is how we find the correct related pressure of automatic tamper for the grinder and coffee machine.

That’s why we provide from 2 to 38 kg pressure, this is a large ranges, so our client can adjust themselves to find the right pressure to tamp coffee.

automatic tamper tamp coffee

What happens if you tamp espresso too hard?

If you tamp coffee too hard, the water is hard to pass the ground coffee, because it spends more time seeping through, your coffee becomes over-extracted. About the flavor of over-extraction, it turns an otherwise good shot into something that’s overwhelmingly bitter, even for seasoned coffee lovers. With hard Pressure, the wrist strain involved! If you continuously tamp too hard, you’re likely to cause sore wrists from the excess pressure.

With automatic tamper, it could help you avoid tamp your espresso too hard, it could be happened at the beginning you are trying to adjust the pressure. In other words, automatic tamper help you save your coffee and release your wrists.

How to choose an automatic tamper?

If you keep reading this, it means you are preparing to purchase an automatic coffee tamper to release your wrists. I think these feature you should take care of before you put your order:

  • The ranges of pressure
  • The flatness of the coffee bed after tamping
  • If it provide Nano coating to protect ground coffee stick on the tamper

CINOART Precision Tamp 2 Features

  1. Precise and consistent tamping is an essential part of the process to maintain great espresso.
  2. The PT2 improves the quality of the coffee bed with the patent Guide Leveling System (GLS)
  3. The GLS provides greater control and accuracy eliminating channeling caused from uneven tamping and can therefore significantly enhance the quality of your espresso.
  4. Simple to use and quick to adjust mid-service, the PT2 maintains extraction quality as environmental conditions occur throughout the day.
  5. PT2 sits on a small footprint maximizing working environment bench space.



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