Chocolate Printer or Coffee Printer?

In 2016, we started our project 3D printing of chocolate in CM Space, Shenzhen, China. At the beginning, we didn’t start with coffee printer, instead, we started with chocolate printer.

After a long term development, when we almost finished the development of Chocolate Printer, we started think about the market, it’s embarrassed that we didn’t think about it before we started the project.

Look back now, it’s funny as a fresh start-up in 2016. Hereafter are some photos we made at that time.

chocolate printing pictures

Almost in the same time, there was another team in Hangzhou they started their project of chocolate printer, now we are good friends, so I often joke he is lucky that we gave up chocolate printer project in 2016

After analyze the custom market, we thought Coffee Printer is much better in China, so we change our project from Chocolate Printing to Coffee Printing.