CINOART PRO-CT2 Latte Art Machine: The Key to Success For Your Business

CINOART PRO-CT2 is a stylish new addition to the list of latte art machines. This 2019 model is an evolved version of previous CINOART coffee printers which not only flaunts upgraded features but also showcases a new sleek design. It maintains outstanding performance and fast food-grade printing without compromising the high resolution. You can buy this product in black and white here!

Like its predecessors, the PRO-CT2 is easy to operate. Controlled with infrared ray, it is compatible with multiple operating systems. Now uploading photos and printing with it is effortless and fun. The built-in editing software makes it easy to edit and customize your images on the device itself.

Even though coffee art printing is its most-obvious use-case. The range of applications for the 2019 CINOART machine is broad as you can print on a versalite group of food items including milk, pudding, chocolate and even cookies.

The digital advantage over skilled baristas is a great motivator for companies to put their money on this incredible gadget. At the end of the day, you can use this digital advantage to please hundreds of customers with custom art on coffee and other foods and beverages.

Ultimately, this small investment will help boost overall satisfaction and augment customer experience. With this special aid, you can not only provide services that the customers are expecting but also delight them with an additional touch of personalization. It’s a great way to portray professionalism while also stressing the importance of the consumers. As anyone can operate this highly user-friendly latte art machine, there is no need even to hire a professional barista. Let’s have a look at the features that make this powerful machine so great.

Latte Art Machine Features that Ought to Impress

Design Features to Maximize Chicness and Durability

The more visible improvement for the printer seems to be its exterior appeal. Made of a full metal frame, the product size is 270*370*410 mm. You can easily print food and drinks in containers between 5 to 18 cm height and 3 to 11 cm diameter. It’s compact and sleek new design is what makes it a beautiful addition to the countertop while the strong exterior makes sure it is long-lasting.

The stainless steel structure makes the coffee art printer much stronger, which will allow users to enjoy the printer’s services for many years.

Feature that Enhance Performance and User Experience

For a product of this nature, the most crucial selling-factor is speed and quality. In both of these categories, the coffee printing machine scores high. With it’s fast speed of 15S for venti, the CINOART PRO-CT2 can print within 10 short seconds. This impressive speed is matched by the machine’s superior quality printing – enabled by a whopping 600 dpi resolution.

A fresh new cartridge was sourced from Taiwan to allow this version to have 3 times better resolution than older models. The cartridge features 300 12mm nozzles on the bottom – which are significantly longer than nozzles on predecessor devices such as CINOART PRO. This is what boosts the machine’s speed. The cartridges do not have any sponge inside, so there is no concern about hindering user experience due to jammed cartridges.

The system supports multiple operating systems. You can also upgrade software and firmware online to get access to up-to-date interface and features.

The ease of use has been inherited from previous models. The machine operator does not have to worry about too many technical things. Designs can be chosen from the latte art machine’s local image library.

Additionally, its USB function can be used to connect an USB camera, or bulk upload photos on the device. If customers want to upload their own photos, the process for that is rather simple too. They can simply scan a QR code on the wi-fi enabled printer to send photos from their devices, without having to connect their phones or tablets to the CINOART machines.

Consumers in the China market can avail the food art printer’s voice control feature to enjoy a more effortless user experience.

Quality, Food Safety and Certifications

With over 20 years of assembly experience, CINOART has produced millions of products for Japanese brands such as JVC. In the last 5 years, the company has become popular as one of the best coffee printer machines.

The latte art machine uses food-grade ink in the cartridge which makes it harmless to ingest. The printer does not make contact with the food. A jet cartridge is used to print desired photos on the food and beverage surface. Therefore, there’s no reason to worry about hygiene risk or food contamination when using this printing technology.

Numerous inspections and product testing has been conducted to ensure the procedure does not create any food hazards for the customers. Certifications such as CE, FCC, ROHS from NTEK, CTI and PONY have been attained to confirm CINOART abides by the national food safety standard for food contact. In addition, official inspections are conducted to confirm the cartridges are safe to use.

How to Use the CINOART Latte Art Printer? 

Setting up and using the CINOART printers are not complicated as all. You can get your customized drinks in under 10 seconds, and without needing the help of any expert barista or machine operator.

Place the coffee art machine on a flat table. For ideal performance, it is best to avoid high temperature and humidity when the printer is running. Make sure it is connected to a strong wi-fi connection to make photo upload quick and straightforward. To do so, click on the wi-fi logo on the attached tablet’s top right corner and enter wii-fi details.

The printer is petite, portable and extremely user-friendly. The only crucial step is to ensure the foam-top of the beverage or food item’s surface is flat. The CINOART PRO-CT2 can help you print in a few simple steps.

First, you can choose an image from the latte art machine’s local photo library, or upload any desired graphics from your IOS or Android device. To do so, you can scan the QR code from the printer’s settings page. The code can also be found on the coffee printer’s body. Upon scanning the QR code, you will be directed to a website where you can upload a selected photo from your mobile device.

Next, place the food or drink on the coffee printer’s tray and press the start button. Voila! Your personalized coffee, beer, cake or bread will be ready to serve in less than 15 seconds.

In order to maintain user privacy, the device does not save the uploaded photos. However, if you wish to reuse a picture, you can long-press on the desired image until a lock sign appears on the top-left corner of the photo. This is a very useful tip for businesses who want to print their company logo on hundreds of coffee cups without worrying about uploading it every time.

To delete the saved photo, you can click on the photo and go to the next interface to remove it from the tablet.

Who Should Invest in CINOART PRO-CTR 2 Latte Art Machine?

This professional-grade stylish and durable coffee art printer is a treat for businesses in diverse industries. With this magic device, you can attain creatively satisfying snacks and drinks, and all within a few seconds. Ideally, this is a great addition to anyone in the food and beverages industry, but the opportunities are not limited to that.

You can now make edible designs on your offerings to send a delightful message, or establish branding. If you are in a service business, this is an effortless yet guaranteed way to enhance the customer journey in your service process. For corporate businesses, serving mouth-watering delicacies with the company logo or brand name printed to prospective clients and other guests will surely set a positive impression.

The CINOART PRO-CTR 2 is among top of the line 3D-printing latte art machines, which can produce detailed prints of art, greetings, branding, logo, etc. Mind-blowing design outcomes can be attained on top of any food and drinks with a flat surface.

Without doubt, this machine offers an amazing way to bedazzle all kinds of coffee including cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and flat whites.

You can make really cool designs on hot chocolates, milkshakes and beers before serving them.

Food items such as yoghurt, ice cream, toast, traditional cakes, cupcakes and other pastries can also be beautifully decorated with 3D messages, selfie prints or company branding.

What seems like a simple coffee printing machine today, is what will yield additional income for your business in the future. While this will attract more and more customers every day, it will offer a competitive edge over other market players.

This product can be a wonderful addition to hundreds of companies, but it is most essential for coffee shops, beer bars, restaurants and bakeries, hotels and event companies.

Coffee Shops

coffee shop

The CINOART PRO-CTR 2 is deemed most useful for coffee shops. With this great new addition, your customers can enjoy their favourite brews and also relish the personal experience. They can request to have their pictures printed on the coffee foam-tops or write special messages on their coffee. While using the latte art machine takes only a fraction of a minute, the consumer’s experience will be priceless. This is a great customer engagement technique as visitors will feel very involved in the process of creating their customized cup of coffee. Surely, they will snap a lot of photos and share amongst friends on social media.

Beer Bar

The coffee art printer bar owners have also gained popularity among bar owners. For, they can amaze their customers by adding captivating designs on the beer foam. You can add catchy phrases like “Beer makes everything better,” or “Save water, drink beer,” on the beer top to make for interesting conversation starters.

Restaurants and Bakeries

recommended by Michelin

As possibilities to get creative with this latte art machine is not limited to drinks, you can have fun decorating an array of scrumptious food items. The list not only includes cookies and cakes, but can be extended to any item on your menu that has a flat surface. For most restaurants and bakeries, investing on this user-friendly sleek model would help deliver additional value added services such as personalizing sandwiches, cupcakes, ice creams, etc. It’s a great positioning strategy too as it will set your business apart from competitors.



If hotels can cleverly incorporate the genius outcomes that the CINOART latte art machine can produce, they can successfully enhance the customer experience. Hotel guests would be very impressed to be greeted with logo-stamped cookies on arrival. When they order breakfast to the room, they would be delighted to have their selfies printed on the toast. Additionally, you can customize cupcakes or small cakes with flamboyant greetings for every occasion such as valentine’s day. After such honest effort to impress, the guests ought to leave a 5-star review!

Events Service


Be it a birthday or a wedding, clients always expect to feel extra pampered on their special day. You can choose CINOART’s modern coffee art printing machine to customize snacks and drinks. The messages can have the bride and groom’s initials, or messages like, “Happily Ever After,” or “Little Evan Turns Three.” At the same time, you can create brand awareness by adding company branding on the food items being served.

You will only pay a tiny amount for a few of these latte art machines but the return on your investment will be remarkable, and exceptionally rewarding. It’s a great way to attract more customers who would be amused by the cool concept of drinking a beautifully decorated and personalized cup of coffee. Furthermore, the positive customer experience will guarantee customer satisfaction and therefore retention.

Invest on this modern and sophisticated latte art machine to have an immediate and distinguishable impact on branding and sales. It’s easy, quick and smart!