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Coffee Printer CINOART PRO-CT2


  • Casing Materials: Full metal frame and exterior

  • Product Color: Black & White
  • Product Size: 270*370*410mm
  • Package Size: 560*360*440mm
  • Cup Height: 5cm~18cm
  • Cup Diameter: 3cm~11cm
  • Certificates:: CE/FCC/RoHs
  • Wifi Version: WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Resolution: 600dpi
  • Fast Speed: 15S for venti
  • Voltage: AC 110V~220V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 60W
  • Accessories: User manual *1, Power adapter*1,Cup mat*1,Capsule*1, Tongs*1

Coffee Printer Feature

cinoart coffee printer machine

1. Stainless Steel Structure

You can find CINOART PRO – CT2 Coffee Printer is made of stainless steel, benefit from the stainless steel structure, it’s much stronger, that’s the reason why our client use it many years (our first customers have been using since 2016).

coffee printer cartridge

2. High Printing Speed And High Resolution

You will see CINOART PRO – CT2 Coffee Printer uses the fresh cartridge purchased from Taiwan with high resolution at 600 DPI, it’s 3 times higher than the older version CINAORT 2 coffee printer which was stoped producing in 2018, the resolution of CINOART 2 coffee printer is only 192 DPI.

There are 300 nozzles on the bottom of CINOART PRO – CT2 Coffee Printer Cartridge, the length of the cartridge head is about 12 mm, 3 times longer than CINOART 2 Coffee Printer, so the printing speed is 3 times faster than CINOART 2 Coffee Printer too.

3. Stable Cartridge Usage

As there is no sponge inside the cartridge of CINOART PRO – CT2 coffee printer, so it’s very stable to use it, you needn’t worry of the cartridge is blocked and can’t use it. This’s the most important reason why we stop producing CINAORT 2 Coffee Printer.

4. Official Inspection Report Of Cartridge

We always keep it in mind that safety first. So we dismounted about 60 cartridges piece by piece, and send them to the official lab to check, and we get the high-quality report to confirm it’s safe for you to use it.

5. High-Density Packaging Protection

We use high-density pearl cotton to protect the CINAORT PRO Coffee Printer, and use the highest level of corrugated paper packaging, which can effectively avoid falling during the transportation and damage CINAORT PRO – CT2 Coffee Printer.

6. Open API For Second Development

Maybe you need to combine CINOART PRO – CT2 Coffee Printer with coffee machine and robot arm, we have made several samples with our clients such as Cadillac, Country Garden Holdings Group. We can provide you all the development documents and technical support for you during the development.

coffee printer CE certification

7. Official Inspection Report

According to some requirements of the market region, we have made several official test of coffee printer, and get the certification such as CE, FCC, ROHS. Contact with us, you will get all the Inspection Reports.

cinoart factory

8. High-Quality Assembly

Our factory has more than 20 years experience of assembly, we have produced more than millions of products for Japanese Brands such as JVC. And we have produced coffee printer 5 years, there is nobody know-well of our products than ourselves. So we can provide the high-quality Coffee Printer to you.


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