2019 Budweiser Future City

Budweiser’s annual dealer conference was held in Zhuhai. It was not so much a dealer conference, but rather a technology feast. Therefore, the theme of the conference was “Welcome to Budweiser’s Future City”. You come to the future city of Budweiser.

The conference has divided 11 booths, of which the most eye-catching is of course the Budweiser brand image booth, which highlights the brand of the Budweiser through the simple style.

In addition to the main booth of Budweiser attracting attention, other booths also have many highlights. For example, only retail experience stores can feel the convenience of unmanned retail.

The Sedrin Beer booth combines the characteristics of its southern region, showing a different Sedrin.

budweiser show 2019

CINO ART PRO coffee latte printer was invited to participate in the conference to showcase beer flowers.

coffee latte printer in Budweiser show