Automatic Coffee Tamper In UK

If you are looking for an automatic tamper & portafilter cleaner in UK to help you to make coffee, our partner OZ Espresso can help you, and you can test it in their company.

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    Oz Espresso Machine Is Your Go-to Supplier For Automatic Tamper In UK

    One-stop coffee equipment supplier in Australia

    Odds are that you find yourself here because you went on Google and typed in automatic coffee tamper in Australia.

    If you are looking for an automatic tamper in Australia or a related city, or you want to know more about the automatic tamper, and want to test it, ECA is here to provide you with the best local service.

    ECA is the short name of “Espresso Company Australia” founded in 2000 in NSW, Australia. They provide all the coffee-related equipment you wanted not only auto tamper.

    As a 21-year-old business that specializes in importing and wholesaling the best coffee equipment, we can offer to the Australian specialty retailers and commercial roasters. Such as Rocket Espresso Machine, Rocket Grinder, Aillio electric coffee roaster, La Vibiemme coffee maker, ANFIM commercial grinder, Barcelona coffee grinder, and Kees van der westen coffee machines.

    ECA Location in Australia

    Questions You May Ask About automatic coffee tamper

    black automatic coffee tamper in Australia

    Do I need trained personnel to install the automatic tamper?

    No, the great advantage of the CINOART® automatic tamper is its intuitive handling. The CINOART® is pre-configured as a plug & play device and is ready for immediate use in a few seconds.

    Can I use different portafilter?

    yes, the built-in sensor automatically detects the portafilter surface. Note that if the size of tamper didn’t match your basket, you should change it to the right size.

    How do I know what size tamper to buy?

    The diameter of basket for each brand coffee machines are litter different, most commercial coffee machine’s portafilter is 58.3mm, 58mm and 57mm, you can click here to see the size of each brand coffee machine’s portafilter, it could help you to choose the right one.

    What about the warranty?

    We offer a 12 month warranty on our auto espresso tamper and provide you with exclusive customer service all around.

    How about the lifetime of the auto espresso tamper?

    Factory have made the fatigue test more than 1,000,000 times tamping, and the sample still work, so we think you can use it for more than 3 years.

    If You Are Living In Sydney, You Can Drive To ECA Base Directly

    Not only automatic coffee tamper, coffee machines, coffee grinders, coffee roasters, and coffee brewer are available In ECA base office.

    Servicing All Australia Clients

    ECA has builded their customer network in the past 21 years, they take pride in making sure that we can offer the best coffee products possible to create the best coffee solutions to our customer network of retailers and roasters. So wherever you are in Australia, whatever coffee related equipments you are looking for(automatic coffee tamper, coffee maker, coffee grinder, coffee roaster, etc.), ECA team can help you immediately.

    You also can find ECA’s local partner in these regions:

    New South Wales Queensland
    Victoria South Australia
    Western Australia Australian Capital Territory
    Tasmania Northern Territory

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      Purchase Automatic Coffee Tamper Out Of Australia

      ECA’s business cover the whole Australia, if you are not come from Australia and want to purchase automatic espresso tamper, please choose our “automatic tamper service areas” page to choose the related region, or contact us directly.