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How is the first Lavazza flagship store in China looks like?

Lavazza China

Lavazza Flagship Store Opened In Shanghai

lavazza flagship store in shanghai

Italian palace coffee brand Lavazza and Yum China announced that they had formed a joint venture to operate in China, the first Lavazza flagship coffee store outside Italy has opened in Shanghai recently, the two sides work together to create an immersive Italian coffee experience for Chinese consumers.

As its debut in Asia, this Lavazza flagship store located on the first floor of Jingpin Shopping Center will bring you more than a cup of espresso, it is more like a palace-level coffee showroom, bringing you A wonderful experience like an immersive art space.

Through the golden arches of the Renaissance in the store, the wide view of the 5-meter high lobby, and looking up is even more unique. A mural runs through the entire Lobby, the loving couple holding the Lavazza classic espresso coffee cup. The towering dome of St. Peter’s Church in the distance reflects the afterglow of the setting sun.

A Wonderful Journey Of Italian Coffee

Lavazza has almost witnessed the entire history of the development of Italian coffee, from the first blended formula invented by its founder Luihi Lavazza in 1895 to the first cup of space coffee in 2015, it has always been at the forefront of coffee innovation, it has continuously created the industry benchmark, it is a well-deserved spokesperson for the global coffee industry.

Many people will be attracted by the brass clock on the counter as soon as they enter the door. This antique coffee machine –Elektra Belle Epoque, which is limited to 70 units in the world, is the treasure of Lavazza flagship store and originates from the world’s first espresso coffee machine, All handmade.

It retains the ancient coat and top-level sense of operation. The internal machinery redesigned by Lavazza engineer guarantees a pure taste of coffee, a cup of pure Italian coffee is born.

On the right-hand side of the shop, on the unique Lavazza Coffee Design wall beside the counter decorated with the definition of coffee flavor wheel, pure Italian coffee to achieve the perfect balance between flavor(Taste), purity(Body), and smell(Aroma).

As a synonym for Italian coffee, Lavazza has been pursuing the quality of coffee beans for 100 years, it chooses the best 25 coffee-producing areas from 15 countries around the world and sets unique washing and roasting methods according to the characteristics of coffee beans in different regions. Nothing is more praised than the fine coffee beans used in the Michelin restaurant. This special original coffee KAFA from Ethiopia is one of the best coffees in the world.

In Shanghai’s flagship store, consumers can explore their favorite coffee flavors in the most classic three coffee bean products of Lavazza, which is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts.

The Moka pot is considered to be one of the signs of Made in Italy. The golden Lavazza Carmencita Moka in the store occupies the C position. Sitting in this huge and highly private Moka pot to drink coffee, It’s another feeling.

The white marble wall on the left-hand side of the door is inlaid with brass outlined map of Italy. This is specially created by the Lavazza for Chinese consumers, we called “BEL PAESE Coffee”. By the way, it is also beautiful to take pictures here.

The first 5 coffees, each cup is infused with ingredients full of urban flavor. The first Italian flavor is from Turin, the origin of Lavazza, it’s known as the chocolate capital, dark chocolate is so delicious we can’t be missed.

The Espresso Torino is inspired by the classic 18th-century drink of chocolate foam (Biecerin), which was loved by Picasso and Hemingway.

The Espresso Torino is inspired by the classic 18th-century drink of chocolate foam (Biecerin), which was loved by Picasso and Hemingway.

In the past 25 years, Lavazza worked with 34 Michelin chefs, they have continuously collided with inspiration. Each joint beverage is a taste bud storm. Aria di Cappuccino, looks like a cliff, capture the heart of customer in one second, the bitterness and sweetness of coffee blend just right.

This breakthrough in the traditional form of coffee caviare, just like the shape of the general caviare, caviar-like burst in the tongue, but with strong coffee flavor.

As the first solid coffee in the world, Espresso Cappuccino had been named the best food idea of the year by Time magazine in 2006. Want the better experience of its excellent taste, you should match a cup of Long black coffee, the intersection of bitter and sweet fusion makes the taste endless.

It is worth mentioning that when we turn over the Lavazza Espresso Cappuccino, it actually will not fall down, can be seen inside is very close, customers would play it with a lot of fun before eating it, it’s amazed.

Save A Plane Ticket To Get Michelin Recommended

The pursuit of high-quality ingredients doubles the sense of security, almost half of the ingredients are imported from Italy.

Such as Sfogliatella, which is a representative of excellent deliciousness in Europe. they air to Shanghai from Italy to ensure the best taste, inside is filled with cheese imported from Italy too. Pure flavor and fresh orange jam integration, together into the crisp Italian style Sfogliatella, every bite is full of happiness.

On the Focaccia, covered with meat or fresh vegetables, it is chewy and with several layers of flavor. The crispy crust is said to be the precursor of pizza, which is more flavorful with tomato sauce.

Lavazza’s creativity is not only reflected in the variety of coffee, but also in the combination with liquor, which reflects a major feature of Italian coffee.

Festa Della Mamma

Mother’s Day is coming, Lavazza flagship store make an event, you can make a selfie coffee with mother, not drink naked coffee anymore, make a unique coffee as gift to mamma.

Just send a photo to coffee printer, and it will make the photo you sent on the foam, capture the joy time with exclusive selfie coffee.

Ciao ciao! Punch in the flagship store of Lavazza with your friends and enjoy the purest Italian style.

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