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Automatic Coffee Tamper PT1

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cinoart auto tamper

CINOART Automatic Tamper With Advantage Of

  • Provide 3 buttons to quickly switch the pressure.
  • For each button, you can adjust the pressure and save it.
  • Provide the record function to calculate how many times used.
  • With guiding device on our tamper to make sure the surface of the ground coffee is flat every time.

Automatic Tamper PT1


  • Casing Materials: Full metal frame and exterior

  • Tamper Color: Black & White

  • Product Size: 240*160*270 mm

  • Package Size: 295*206*345 mm

  • Tamper Diameter: 58mm(stander)

  • Adjustable Pressure: 10~30kg

  • Pressing Duration: 1.2S

  • Voltage: AC 110V~220V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 60W
  • Accessories: User manual *1, Power adapter*1,Cup mat*1, Screw Driver*1

Automatic Tamper Feature

1. Strong Enough Withstand High Pressure

During our development of automatic tamper, we had made force analysis and thousands times fatigue testing to make sure the structure is strong enough withstand high pressure, and choose correct material to make it, in case there is some change after we use it thousands of times.

PS: In order to see the effect, we have zoomed in ten times of pressure, that’s the reason why we can see the movement of the tamper structure on the right side.

2. Overcurrent protection

During the fatigue test, we found the quick movement of generates large currents, it’s easy cause damage to the motherboard, so we update our electrical design with overcurrent protection, to make sure it’s stable when you use it, event for a long term.

3. 3 Switch Design

You can quick switch the pressure by the upper 3 buttons (10kg, 20kg, 30kg), it’s useful for single or double coffee, and you can adjust the pressure and save it for each button.

In the mean time, you also can adjust the tamping time from 1 to 3 by the right button, it effective avoid the ground coffee stick around the basket.

4. Calculate Function

On our panel, you can adjust by press Do-Up and 20kg together, you can calculate how many times you used the coffee tamper, the coffee shop chain love it.

5. Guiding Device

When we use the automatic tamper at the begining, we found that it was difficult for fresh user to flatten the ground coffee during his first time, and this is the most important function of the espresso tamper. So we made many tests to solve the problem and finally we find a perfect solution, we named it guiding device.

So now what you need to you? Just put the basket on the platform and left, in 1 second, CINOART will help you to make a perfect tamping.

6. Patent Design

Every time, when we have a new project (like coffee printer project, and the other one for Budweiser), we will apply for the patents in the mean time, it’s not only the affirmation of our research and development results, but also is the protection for our partner.


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