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Automatic Espresso Tamper Are Changing The Game

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Why we need an automatic tamper to make espresso?

The baristas all over the world are giving their best every day in order to make a perfect espresso. They try tamping the coffee to be the same every time, but that’s not easy. It’s hard to set the tamper at the same angle every time you need to tamp. You also need to use the same pressure every time, and not just that; It’s hard to keep the espresso dose weight consistent, and grind settings are also the factor.

Why is the tamping necessary? Allow me to illustrate that. Coffee beans are never of the same volume. We need to have a way to ensure that the water passes thru the crowded grinds in the very same way. We do this by pushing them back. Tamping may seem like a small process, but it’s among the crucial steps in preparing the espresso. Everybody likes a great espresso shot, and it would be even better if it’s the same every time.

It’s almost certain that you can’t get the same coffee as you did yesterday, no matter how good a barista is. It’s always possible to use a scale to measure the amount of the coffee you add in the portafilter, or to use a bathroom scale to maintain fairly constant tamping pressure. Still, it’s not the greatest option, so you probably wonder if there’s some simpler solution for all baristas out there?

Luckily, there is the answer to all their problems will not just speed up the process, but it will make the perfect espresso every single time! The tamping pressure will be equal, the coffee dose consistent, and even a child can make it. We have 3 words for you: Automatic Espresso Tamper. Think about the automatic espresso tamper as an upgrade to all your barista’s skills. It’s a hybrid tamping machine that will be worth every cent you pay for it.

The Main Features And Benefits

There are more than a few benefits that this product brings to the table. After reading them, I would be surprised if you still don’t think it’s worth it and choose to skip buying the automatic espresso tamper. In the list below you can find the most essential among them:

You will have the same result every time.

Any time the pressure is tamped to 30 lbs and any amount you adjusted it to. Baristas can not guarantee the same outcomes as machine. How is that essential? With varying levels of pressure, the flow of water can be disturbed, and the taste of your coffee can be drastically changed. In order to have the same taste every time, the espresso requires consistent tamping pressure and speed, which can be achieved only with an auto coffee tamper.

After reading all this, you’re probably aware that two baristas can’t tamp using the same tamping pressure. But why does the coffee need to be the same every time? One of the most important things about coffee shops is consistency. If the espresso is right every single time, it will become your new favorite! But if they lack consistency, you can easily lose your customers. That’s when the automatic espresso tamper jumps in.

Adjusting The Grinder Will Be Easy

It’s always challenging to dial in the coffee grinders throughout the day. If the barista uses the espresso machine, it can become even more of a struggle. As we mentioned above, different tamping pressures, angle of the tamper, and of course, it’s not easy to see if the grinder is not adjusted. While barista is tamping, it’s tough to see the coffee mill, and it’s an important step in making a quality espresso shot.

Nevertheless, if you measure the coffee using an automated tamper, the grinder seems to be the only aspect that modifies, making it much easier to continue dialing in. Again, an auto espresso tamping machine would solve all of the issues mentioned above.

The Automatic Tamper Will Save You Time And Money

Some coffee shops are pretty similar; others are different. Still, the process of making an espresso shot is the same in almost every coffee bar. The barista spends around 15 seconds to make sure that the tamp is even. After he does, he needs approximately 30 seconds for the over-extracted espresso shot to come out before he throws it away and starts over. It’s not a short process, and your customers will be delighted if this could be even faster. With the features and benefits that the automatic espresso tamper brings us, it will be. The auto coffee tamper needs less than a second to make sure tamping was consistent and even. You don’t have to worry at all; You’ll get the best espresso ever with the less effort and minimal waste.

A Few Words at The End

The bottom line, would I consider having the automatic espresso tamper in my coffee house? I suppose the answer to that is positive. It’s not just that I think it tamps a lot more than a person would do. It does, though, contribute to greater consistency even if it’s used by more than one barista. It also reduces the risk for injuries; it’s known that many baristas have some serious consequences because they tamp the coffee too often. It’s also considerably faster compared to manual tamping, and that’s simply a huge advantage.

The only potential downside is the price. While not unprecedented, it’s definitely enough to make a lot of cafe bar owners think a bit harder. If you’re still just a small coffee bar, it can take some time before you pay off your investment, but it’s still worth it. Customers will get a better and faster service, and you’ll get more customers each day. Therefore, coffee houses need to realize how easily this expense can reimburse costs, speed up the process, and increase the profit.

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